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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Company Information
1. What is the vision of your company?
2. How can I contact you?
3. How can I find the local agency information?
4. How can I search the contact detail of your staff?
5. How can I get the information and history of the company?
6. How can I get the news of the company?
Container Status
1. How to get the instant view of my shipment status?
2. How can I effectively search the status of multiple containers?
3. Can I search my container status via email or mobile phone?
4. Can I get the regular update of my shipment status automatically?
5. Will there be any further changes on the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) date on the web tracking?
E-commerce solution
1. Where can I find information about INTTRA?
2. How can I submit my booking request online?
3. How can I submit my B/L instruction online?
4. How should I get the ID and password to access the privileged area?
1. What type of equipment should I use?
2. What is the dimension of your equipment?
3. Where can I find more information on Reefer equipment?
4. Do you have the guideline for stuffing refrigerated commodities?
5. Do you have the temperature conversion table for refrigerated cargoes?
Rate Request
1. What basic information is required for Rate Request?
2. What are the ports served by Emirates Shipping Line?
3. What are the equipment types served by Emirates Shipping Line?
4. Do you provide CFS (Container Freight Station) or LCL (Less than Container Load) service?
5. Do you provide Break Bulk service?
6. Do you provide special equipment, such as Flat Rack and Open Top?
Service and Schedule
1. Where can I find your service and ports served?
2. Where can I find the transit time of your service?
3. Where can I find the detailed schedule?
4. Where can I find the terminals used by your service?
5. Where can I find the routing of the inland points and out ports?
6. Do you have the mechanism to search schedule by port pair?
7. How can I get the regular schedule from Emirates Shipping Line?
1. How can I find the vessel flag, Lloyd code and other details?
2. How can I find a job in your company?
3. Does Emirates Shipping Line offer passenger service?

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